What is blogging and how to earn money from it?

What is blogging and how to earn money from it?

What is blogging and how to earn money from it? That’s a question!

Well, it was in 1994 when Justin Hall, a student of the College of Swarthmore, started a blog for the first time. At that time, the general audience named his blog a homepage.

Later, in 1994, Blogger of Robot Wisdom, Jor Barger, coined the term weblog. In 1999, Peter Merholz converted the term weblog to a blog. That is the brief history of blogging!
Initially, blogs or weblogs were only used for sharing personal thoughts on various topics and were seldom updated. But now, it is mandatory to update a blog regularly.
Now, You may have become excited to know, “What is blogging and how to earn money from it?”
So far, I have discussed the brief history of blogging and its gradual development! Now, let us dive deep into the ocean of blogging!
Blogging means “Sharing your personal opinions and narratives on various themes through the web, in a written text form with a gentle touch of images and videos.”
Don’t worry; it’s just like writing in a diary!
You have to share your views continuously about a specific theme and topic. These topics and themes are called niches. Niche selection is the first step toward blogging.
Then, keep writing your personal views about it regularly.
You may have landed on a website searching for the best healthy diet. Or you have tried searching for the best hunting backpacks, which may have led you to a website. Have you experienced such things before? You have, I bet!
Most such sites are blogs! There are various types of blogs- for example, travel blogs, food blogs, pet blogs, fashion and lifestyle blogs, and so on. All these blogs are dedicated to a specific topic. Food blogs will have content about food and recipes.

The travel blog will have content about beautiful scenarios and places to be visited. So, a blog consists of unique content updated regularly and written about a specific topic.
A single piece of content written about a specific topic is called a blog, and the whole process is called blogging.
How it differs from traditional websites?
There is a significant difference between modern blogs and traditional websites. Most people need clarification about it. They need help to differentiate a blog from a website.
Well, today, I will clarify your confusion!
There are two fundamental characteristics of a blog. A blog, whether it is a fashion blog containing content about trending fashions, a pet blog containing amazing pet facts, or an affiliate marketing blog advertising the products of a particular shopping website and getting the commission for each referral- always has these distinguishing characteristics:
1. A blog is updated regularly.
2. Blog is more interactive, providing a two-way flow of information.
A traditional website is usually static, and it is seldom updated. It consists of evergreen content, which gradually becomes irrelevant. In addition, there is no interaction between the readers and the writer.
A blog, on the other hand, is updated regularly. It is always relevant and up-to-date. Furthermore, there is an organic interaction between the writer and the readers. Readers can quickly reach a writer using the built-in comment section or catch the writer on his social media platforms through the links provided on the blog’s homepage.
Till now, my friends, you have learned the basics of blogging! Then, what’s next?
Let’s start blogging!
But wait!
Before sharing the blogging track with you, let me briefly highlight the benefits of blogging! Keeping these benefits in mind will trigger your dopamine reward centre and will motivate you toward it!
Benefits of blogging: Why blogging?
Dozens of benefits add to the importance of blogging. For example, blogging can earn you great fame, a lot of money, potential clients, and so on. I will enlist some of the potential benefits of blogging, so you may feel motivated to start it:
Although it is time-consuming, consistency in blogging will ultimately earn you a lot of money. How?
How to earn money from blogging?
Sell your services
Consider yourself as a business person; what do you need? A potential client. Right!
As a business owner, you will search for persons who can buy your services and ultimately pay you money. Your blog will make this process easier for you.
If you write and publish relevant persuasive content about your services regularly and do a perfect Search engine optimization, you will ultimately get relevant traffic. Such traffic will primarily consist of persons who are genuinely interested in your services. If you produce motivating content and your services are worth it, you will ultimately get the conversion. That’s it & that’s all!
But wait!
There are still other ways of generating money through blogging.
Run ads on your blog:
Consider yourself a general lifestyle blog owner who shares his day-to-day activities and inspirational stories through blogging, having nothing to sell. Then, what should be done? How to earn money?
Calm down, my friends; you can still earn money!
You can allow relevant blog ads and generate money in return.
Remember, there are dozens of ways of doing it. When the phrase running ads is often coined, people think that Google AdSense is the only available option. You are living in a world of endless opportunities, my friends. Please open your eyes and look for them!
There are dozens of options that offer much more money than Google AdSense.
Still, there are other ways of generating money while blogging.
Paid consultation sessions:
If you are a psychiatrist or a life coach, earning money is like child’s play. Believe me or not, it is!
You can offer paid consultations for your readers desperately looking for it. Add value to the lives of your readers. Resolve their queries and concerns. Please give them a direction! Be a consultant, my friend! Be a life coach! Be a trainer! Be someone, be something! And the money will follow you ultimately!
“To be, or not to be! That’s a question!”
Paid courses:
You can offer paid courses if you are a teacher and have an educational blog. Whether you teach a particular subject covering a specific realm of knowledge or whether you teach life skills to your reader, you can offer paid courses for your services. And can ultimately earn money.
Be an affiliate marketer:
You can run an affiliate blog to generate passive income.

Affiliate Marketing

For this purpose, Search for high-demand services and create a list of the top available products. Please review them. Provide backlinks to these products. Motivate your audience to buy these services by adding a call to action button.
You will earn a handsome commission on each referral. Choose the products of those sites which offer more commission, for example, Amazon.
Blogging has other benefits, like self-efficacy, fame, expertise, SEO of your official business website, digital marketing purposes, and so on. But, my friends, if I discuss them in detail, you will ultimately get bored. Leave them for the upcoming blogs.
So far, we have discussed the brief history of blogging, its gradual development, the difference between a blog from a traditional website, and the benefits of blogging. To cut a long story short, we have discussed what is blogging and how to earn money from it?
Now, let me share a road map to blogging.
How to start blogging?
Blogging is much simple. It is just like creating or obtaining a website and publishing unique content. That’s it!
If you need to gain HTML knowledge, you can use sites like WordPress to design your blog site and publish content on it.
Let me share a few steps with you, and I will keep sharing much more in the upcoming blogs.
Choose a High-conversion niche:
After creating your blog site, choose a niche according to your taste and needs. Niche is the pivot or the focal point of your blog around which your entire content revolves. It is the central theme or topic of your blog.

Niche selection

While choosing a niche, try your best to be specific. Narrow down your topic. If you want to write about pets, be transparent, and write about cats, birds, or on sparrows. But, if you’re going to stay general, avoid limitations. Then, you can choose a broader niche. Your place may be financial or business-specific if you are a business person. And if you want to earn money, start affiliate blogging.
Choose your niche per your tastes and needs.
Publish unique content regularly:
After niche selection, start writing content. Follow a schedule. Publish unique content on a regular. A new blog always takes time to generate conversion and money. Please wait for it! Be patient, my friend!
In this article, we have discussed what blogging is (including its brief history, gradual development, and its difference from traditional sites), the benefits of blogging, and how to earn money from blogging. Lastly, we discussed how to start it. If you want to differ at any point or add-in, please feel free to reach us in the comment section below.
Remember, it is our first blog, and I have planned much more! So, stay tuned!

Further reading: https://mmobloggers.com/lets-learn-how-much-money-do-blogs-make/

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