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What is web hosting on Google? All Questions Related to Google Cloud.

If you’d want to host any type of website for free for a year and learn everything there is to know about Web hosting on Google using the Google Cloud Platform, then read this post. This contains all the information you need to host your website, from setting up an account to hosting the website. Since there are now many companies competing in the hosting industry, hosting plans are available for a low cost, but many companies services are subpar, including the uptime and speed of their servers, both of which are essential for any website. It is very important, but not every hosting provider offers it. Even if it is, when more traffic begins to come to your website, the server cannot handle it, which causes the ranking of your website to start dropping additionally, its traffic is low.

Because of this, a very capable server is required for the home; therefore, let’s learn more about web hosting on Google and how to utilise Google Cloud Platform for no cost for a year. Before moving to the Google platform you must know about what is web hosting and how it works.

What is Web Hosting?


A website or web page can be published on the Internet with the help of a web hosting service. A company that offers the technologies and services required for a website or webpage to be seen on the Internet is known as a web host, or web hosting service provider. On specialized computers known as servers, websites are hosted or saved. Entering your website’s domain or address into a browser is all that Internet consumers need to do to access your site. Their computer will then establish a connection with your server, and their browser will start receiving your webpages.

Does Web Hosting on Google exist?

Yes, Google provides one of the best web hosting service. With the term “Google cloud,” Google does indeed offer web hosting on Google. Unlike other regular web hosting services, it is a cloud hosting service, one of the more expensive hosting services on the market, and it is also considerably more challenging to use. Nobody can change the price, nevertheless, so long as Google Cloud Hosting is handled and operated with ease. The managed cloud hosting option is an excellent choice because it makes managing cloud hosting much simpler.

What is Google Cloud Platform?


When we construct a website, the data that is already there is stored in some way. The Google cloud platform is a type of data centre that offers web hosting on Google and is used to store and analyse any type of data. It must be kept on a computer that is constantly connected to a high-speed internet connection, so that it may access the website’s data that is stored there, and that data must be kept secure. This process is also known as cloud computing. In the simplest terms, it may be described as a computer that is constantly on and connected to the fast internet server that we use to host any website or perform any type of cloud computing.

Is Web Hosting on Google Free?

NO. Web hosting on Google costs money. If you’re a new customer, you can get $300 in complimentary credits. These credits are valid for 12 months. The credits lose their validity after a year. Your $300 in credits expires after the first month; they are not redeemable for the next 11 months. Additionally, the $300 in free credits promotion is not available if you are an existing subscriber. Once the credits are used up, the expenses can add up rather rapidly. There is also a free Tier with restrictions. Use the Free Tier of web hosting on Google with caution. Check out all of their usage guidelines. You will be charged for your server usage if you do not adhere to their Free Tier requirements. If you are unaware of how the Free Tier functions, it can come as a surprise.

How to register on Google Cloud Platform?

To use the Google Cloud Platform for web hosting on Google, you must have a Google Account, which is open to everyone. However, the most crucial need is that you have a Master or Visa Card from any bank. Only then will you be able to use the service for a full year at no cost.

You must go to its official website, cloud.google.com, to access its service.

You must visit and sign up for the Google Cloud Computing service using your Gmail account. Here, you must enter your debit or credit card, and your bank will then be charged Rs 1 for this service. Following a year of availability, the charges are returned to your bank, at which point you can resume using the service.

Google notifies you to upgrade your account when your one-year period is ended, and only when you do so can you start using its services.

Cost of Web Hosting on Google

GCP Cloud Compute charges based on the number of seconds of use. The cost may differ depending on the type of virtual computer you order. The monthly cost of a server with 3.75GB of RAM and 1 vCPU is $24.2725 Additional disc space costs $0.040 per GB per month. Other GCP products that are closely related to website hosting have different plans and prices. If you’re a novice, figuring out your typical monthly pricing can be challenging. It can be challenging to assess and estimate your budget when taking into account all the various programmes and goods they offer.

Web Hosting on Google Cloud for Dynamic Website

Cloud storage, virtual machines, and containers are just a few of the choices available with Google Cloud. Use Google Virtual Machines if you’re just getting started with the platform (VMs). The Google VM concept is comparable to the VPS services provided by other cloud hosting companies.

1. Purchase a domain.

2. Using Google cloud for web hosting on Google.

3. Configuring Google Compute engine

4. Constructing a LAMP stack.

5. Connect your domain and hosting.

How to use Google Cloud Platform (web hosting on Google) free for one year?

You might be thinking that I can use all of Google’s services for free as we know that some of them require payment, such as YouTube, Google Search, and Google Cloud. However, not all of these services are free; some require payment. You must be doing it, but it also offers premium services for a fee. In a similar vein, Google offers a 300 $ bonus for web hosting on Google for a year, after which you must pay the fees in order to continue using it. To use the service, you must first register; only then are you able to do so.

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