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How to Select the Top Web Hosting for WordPress in 2023 –

Over one-third of websites now use WordPress as their primary content management system. It seems reasonable that it would be appropriate for your website as well. But what is it specifically? Just how did it begin? And how can you discover the best web hosting for WordPress solutions and services for your internet requirements?

WordPress was first introduced as an open-source blogging application approximately 23 years ago. It has been free to use and alter for many years. Through his business, Automatic, which offers commercially successful services centred around the platform, the software’s creator, Matt Mullenweg, has been able to ensure its survival. At the same time, Automatic has consistently supported the development of a separate WordPress ecosystem.

Therefore, WordPress will continue to be a low-cost, high-quality publishing option. And thanks to the contributions of tens of thousands of developers worldwide, it improves year after year.

WordPress is easy to set up and allows you to start publishing immediately. Richly laid-out content, including videos and graphics, can be posted easily. With themes and settings menus, you can easily change the appearance of your website without knowing any code. You may expand the functionality of your website with plugins to satisfy just about any specific need, from affiliate marketing and community administration to e-Commerce and e-Learning facilitation.

Why not utilize WordPress is nearly always a reasonable choice if your project entails creating a website. Where do I host my WordPress site? This will be your next query if you run out of arguments against WP.

Site Hosting Options for WordPress


Hosting for WordPress sites is one of the ways that Automattic makes money. Their options range from a free plan with severe restrictions and advertising support to a pricey VIP package with in-house professional customization for extremely high-volume sites.

The “popular” WordPress Premium plan is $8 per month, and it includes the following:

However, you must have at least the $25/month Business Plan in order to install any plugins.

Because WordPress is an open-source project, a web host can easily set it up and make it available to its customers at no extra cost. There is a lot of alternative web hosting for WordPress packages available because that makes it highly appealing to internet service providers.

Free plans with advertising are the most affordable. By upselling their clients “extras” like an FTP access or pricey storage increases for when the meagre allotment that came with the plan runs out, the businesses that are offering them expect to raise their profits.

There are numerous reasons to proceed with caution here. First off, the plans often offer relatively little storage space and have size restrictions on file upload. Free-plan providers also rarely make sufficient security or network hardware investments.

Your website will be vulnerable to “bad actors” preying on these overloaded shared servers’ lax security. In addition to the possibility of having data or passwords stolen, there is also the possibility of being permanently blacklisted by email servers and search engines.

Fortunately, particularly because of the WordPress model, reputable web hosts with safe and dependable data centres provide good packages that are reasonably priced while still giving you a lot of control.

What is Managed & Shared Hosting for WordPress?

WordPress may be set up on a server that you rent space on using shared hosting. Typically, you can install a ton of other applications through the same simple, one-click web interface that is used for this. Although slow, it is the most affordable way to begin publishing.

You can access the platform on a containerized server that is solely used for WordPress with managed hosting for WordPress. The environment has been adjusted throughout to make WP quick and secure

Installing WordPress on your own virtual private server is a third alternative. This is for people who desire the most flexibility or who want to learn.

Everybody has a role to play. Simply put, it depends on who you are and what you have planned.

Different users require various solutions:

  • for newcomers
  • for nonprofits
  • for small enterprises
  • for bloggers
  • for e-Commerce

For new users: Managed WordPress removes the hassle of hosting

The host runs fortified versions of WordPress in virtual machines, one for each user, in state-of-the-art Managed WP Hosting, adding several levels of protection right there. The host will update your OS, WordPress, and plugins as needed for security.

You can still point your prestigious domain name at your managed WordPress site. From the profile settings in your account, NameCheap makes this incredibly simple.

Most individuals still use managed hosting for WordPress, even after many years. Best-in-class services like EasyWP provide lightning-fast performance together with all the most practical extra customization tools accessible through a simple web interface. The maximum number of monthly visitors for NameCheap’s managed WordPress is 500,000. You won’t be a beginner anymore by that point.

Managed Web Hosting for WordPress Reduces the Workload for Nonprofits

The unbelievable discounts on shared hosting can lure nonprofits. WordPress can be set up and operating on Namecheap shared hosting for only $2.55/month with a little self-education (or assistance from tech-savvy allies) and still have space left over for a team communication server.

Although there are certain drawbacks to the arrangement, such as the potential for disruptive neighbours or bandwidth problems, you can manage such. In any case, you don’t possess a lot of critical information. Just bear in mind to maintain all the software updated. Google and Reddit are always available if you need assistance.

But managed web hosting for WordPress can still offer peace of mind to charitable organisations. You would have more time and energy to devote to your true objective for a small increase in monthly income.

Small Businesses: When to Move beyond Managed Hosting

Managed WordPress with your own domain name is a secure option if you are an offline firm looking to simply establish a standalone online presence. Choose a tier that offers lots of customization options so you can experiment with different themes to easily express your corporate brand.

To keep your website updated with pertinent articles and information about your featured products and specials, you generally won’t require a lot of storage capacity. This will raise your ranking for relevant search phrases. Make sure your server permits installation plugins like Yoast, the most popular WordPress SEO plugin, for sophisticated search engine optimization choices.

A virtual private server can be the finest option for a WordPress-based online residence for organizations that provide digital services to other businesses. Your credibility will grow as you gain experience setting up and maintaining your own WordPress server.

You will be able to safely show clients fresh versions of your ideas as a site designer by utilizing sophisticated site-versioning plugins. You may decide to use other server-based technologies as a team to help with your production cycle. You can easily run these tools concurrently with your WordPress installation on the same server.

Online sales: Some managed plans are more accessible than others

If you intend to conduct business online, the WordPress ecosystem is full of tools that may assist you in setting up a web store, managing sales, taking payments, and handling bookkeeping. The undisputed market leader among e-Commerce plugins is Automatic’s Woo-commerce, which includes support for all of these and even shipping. Just like WP itself, Woo-commerce is open-source and free to install. It even includes a custom architecture for plugins.

If you run WordPress on your own server, you’ll have access to all of this freedom. But unlike Namecheap, several hosting providers include the Woo-commerce plugin on a more premium e-Commerce tier of their managed hosting for WordPress.

Bloggers: Your Focus Matters


Web hosting for WordPress

The majority of bloggers will be content with a WordPress blog on a managed web hosting for WordPress plan from a reliable vendor. To meet your long-term image storage demands, thoroughly consider your storage solutions.

To preserve your credibility, you should put in the time and effort to set up and manage your own server if you are a tech blogger or someone who makes comments about site design, software development, or digital life in general.

You can try new things and add more knowledge to your writing as a result. With tales of when you messed up your server and how you rectified it, you can draw in a large readership.

How much does it cost for Hosting a WordPress site?

Sometimes the WordPress universe can be too much to handle. Since there are so many options, possibilities, and service providers, it might be challenging to determine which one is best for you.

There are countless options and numerous web hosts when it comes to hosting WordPress websites. And rates range from a few dollars per month to $1,000!

Everything depends on how responsive and quick you want your website to be and how much traffic you anticipate. Naturally, you will require greater performance and pay more money as your audience grows.

Who are the leading players in the WordPress hosting industry?

The top web hosting firms in the world all use WordPress. Even though they all provide free migration, automatic software updates, and 24/7 support, there are enough differences between the competing product lines that a detailed examination of each of them is necessary.

GoDaddy highlights its 30-day money-back guarantee and free SSL starting with its $19.99/month Ultimate plan, which includes unlimited storage and visitors, on its page for WordPress hosting. On all of its managed WordPress hosting tiers, starting with its $9.99/month Basic plan (30 GB of storage, enough for 25,000 monthly visits), GoDaddy offers 90-day backups and 1-click restore for your security.

With its managed WordPress hosting plans beginning at $9.95/month, Hostgator extends its 45-day money-back guarantee. With that, you get unmetered storage, a free SSL certificate, and daily backups of 1 GB, along with 100,000 average monthly visitors.

Namecheap, which charges between $1 and $3 for the first month, is experimenting with a novel approach to marketing its nearly cost-free trial. The EasyWP WordPress plans from Namecheap start at the Turbo level for just $5.74/month if paid annually, which gives you 50 GB and up to 200,000 monthly visitors.

Namecheap has established itself as a leader in managed WordPress performance because of its investments in its own optimized cloud network and a global content delivery network. GoDaddy, Bluehost, and all the others were beaten by EasyWP in a recent comparison that was conducted in Europe in terms of latency and delivery speed.

Both shared and managed web hosting for WordPress are offered by BlueHost. On the shared WordPress side, BlueHost currently offers its Basic plan for the first three years in Europe at a significantly reduced monthly price of €2.65 ($2.95), renewing at €7.18 ($7.99). You receive a free auto SSL certificate, 50 GB of storage, and a free domain name for a year as a result.

The next shared plan from Bluehost, Plus ($10.99/mo), already includes unlimited websites, unrestricted storage, and unrestricted bandwidth. However, you must upgrade to BlueHost’s fully managed WP Pro plan, which costs between $30 and $60 a month, to gain access to its spam and malware security features, extensive analytics tools, and internal SEO tools.


The WordPress community functions as a strong check on companies like Google and Facebook and as a solution to the concentration of the world’s data in the hands of a small number of corporations. Like Namecheap, Automattic is a steadfast advocate of free and open internet for everybody.

When using hosting for WordPress, you keep control over your data, user statistics, and who can access it. You don’t even have to give up versatility or convenience of use in order to achieve all of this. WordPress is a distributed project that may change to keep up with technological advancements and rewards sustained effort.

Consider how your demands may change as you choose a hosting option for your WordPress website.

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