Streamline Your Marketing Efforts With Sendinblue Advanced Features 2023

Looking for an all-in-one, cost-effective email marketing solution? You might be in need of Sendinblue. Sendinblue is used to send 100 million emails per day to 300,000 individuals in 180 nations. On a tight budget, it offers sophisticated automation features. The top Marketing Automation Platform for Small and Midsize Businesses was recognised as Sendinblue (SMBs).

What distinguishes Sendinblue from other email marketing programmes? Here are some of Sendinblue’s best qualities, potential drawbacks, and tips for maximising its use.

What is Sendinblue?


Sendinblue is the first all-in-one digital marketing platform that enables companies to develop client relationships through transactional messaging, marketing automation, and end-to-end digital marketing campaigns. Sendinblue customises its all-in-one suite to meet the marketing requirements of expanding SMBs in competitive marketplaces, in contrast to other marketing solutions designed for enterprise-level budgets and experience. Armand Thiberge launched Sendinblue in 2012 with the goal of making the most innovative and clever marketing platform available to all companies. Sendinblue, with its head office in Paris and offices in Seattle, Berlin, Noida, Bengaluru, Sofia, and Toronto, serves more than 300,000 active customers in 160 nations.

What sets Sendinblue apart?

When it comes to email marketing software, Sendinblue stands out for three primary reasons. It is a particularly well-liked marketing tool among start-ups and small enterprises as a result of these capabilities.

Reasonable Prices

Sendinblue is extremely well-liked by startups and SMBs because of its affordable cost. There is a free plan with minimal features, but the entry-level subscription plan is very comprehensive. Enterprise-level features like customer relationship management (CRM) and sophisticated workflow automation are included in the Lite plan, which has a monthly price of $27.19.

SMS Advertising

It only makes sense to include an SMS strategy in your marketing strategy given that short messaging service (SMS) marketing has far greater engagement rates than email marketing. However, you won’t find many other email marketing software applications offering this feature.

Because SMS marketing is available to customers of Sendinblue as part of the Lite subscription, it stands out in this regard. Although Sendinblue’s free plan includes this capability, you must purchase credit in order to send SMS. Depending on the nation you are sending messages to, the rates change.


Advanced Functions

Most other email marketing software providers typically promote a CRM as a premium feature. CRM, however, is a part of the free package with Sendinblue. The transactional email option is another cutting-edge feature that distinguishes Sendinblue. Through the many stages of the sales funnel, this feature makes it simpler for businesses to stay in touch with their clients. By deciding when to send emails based on prior engagement data, Sendinblue also automatically optimises the performance of your campaigns.

What characteristics does Sendinblue provide?

Let’s now look at some of Sendinblue’s more sophisticated capabilities that make it an all-in-one, complete email marketing software solution. The list that follows begins with:

Email Templates for Free

For diverse marketing purposes, Sendinblue provides 40+ free email templates. To facilitate the marketer’s work, the templates are arranged by purpose. You can get a responsive template made especially for welcome emails to new clients if you want to send them.

If none of the pre-made templates works for you, the drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to make your own. You can view a preview of the template on a mobile device and a desktop computer before you save and activate it. It’s crucial to note that all templates have Sendinblue branding; nevertheless, you must pay to have the watermark removed, even though the templates are otherwise free.

Flexible Email Content

Advanced email customising capabilities are available from Sendinblue. Using the contacts, you can dynamically add personalised text to your emails, such as the client’s name. Alternatively, you can classify the contacts into groups and include a conditional portion in the email that will only be displayed to a particular contact list category, such as VIP clients.


To better engage with your contacts, segmentation enables you to take a more customised approach to market. With Sendinblue, you can quickly build segments based on your contacts’ activities, like a purchase, or based on their characteristics. By putting up custom attributes in your contact attribute settings, Sendinblue also enables you to handle multilingual lists.

You can use a custom attribute as a condition to send emails once you’ve defined it. When you select a language as a custom attribute, a language field will be created and displayed in the drop-down menu when adding conditions. You can choose the language field, the “is precisely” option in the field next to it, and then the desired language or languages in the field after that. Based on your marketing approach, you can do this to generate segments for a variety of distinct attributes.

Version A against Version B in A/B testing

You shouldn’t ignore machine learning if you want to improve your marketing strategy. Finding out what is working and what is not is made possible via A/B testing, also known as “Version A, Version B.” Campaigns that produce the desired outcome can be developed and distributed using the information provided. Sendinblue also finds the optimum moment to send an email based on previous engagement data and uses that data to assure better engagement in the future.

Text messaging for targeted SMS marketing

Time-sensitive messages, like sale announcements, can be sent directly to your clients’ phones using your contact list. When sending out messages in bulk by SMS (short messaging service), just like with emails, you may dynamically add client information like their name and business. Additionally, Sendinblue’s marketing automation and application programming interface can be used to configure transactional messages (API).

Live Talk

To communicate with your clients in real-time, Sendinblue provides a customisable chatbox that is simple to set up on your website. Simply configure your chat environment and paste the code snippet into your website’s header, and you’re ready to start. Sendinblue’s chat enables chat-user agents to view the website page that clients are on, which makes things simpler.

Consolidated Inbox

With Sendinblue, you can manage a single centralised inbox rather than having to manage various inboxes amongst your teams. By gathering everything in one location, a unified inbox makes things simpler for everyone. Additionally, you can link the inbox to your Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo accounts. Any custom email address using your domain can be connected using the IMAP feature.

Management of client relationships

Although Sendinblue’s CRM (customer relationship management) is less complex than other specialised CRM solutions, it nonetheless does the job. The free plan includes the CRM feature. Despite the fact that it may not have many sophisticated CRM features, it provides enough to efficiently handle all client information in one location. Utilizing that knowledge to your advantage will allow you to continue to improve your marketing strategy. The CRM does not require installation or any additional services to be set up. To get started, you simply need to upload your contact information.

You may utilise the CRM to effectively engage with your customers as well as arrange your customer data more effectively. Your clients can be categorised in any way that is most helpful to you, including according to their age, where they are in the sales funnel, how they were acquired, and other factors. Using the CRM, you can also create tasks, assign them to your team, and use automated follow-up emails to keep things under control.

Automation of Workflow

Email marketing software stands on automation. Sendinblue provides solutions for both beginners and experts. The creation of various lists and the automatic delivery of customised messages to your contacts are examples of entry-level automation solutions. Utilizing lead scoring to follow consumers through the purchasing process is one example of advanced automation. A/B split testing is another tool you can use to improve your automation operations.

Deal-making emails

To send your customers transactional or triggered emails, you have a variety of setup choices. A simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) relay, an API, or eCommerce plugins are all options. These enable you to send your customers automated trigger messages based on their online behaviours, such as purchases or abandoned shopping carts, and requests, such as password reset requests. To monitor the performance of your transactional emails in real-time, you may also monitor the deliverability data.

Registrar Forms

Sendinblue offers a drag-and-drop builder with a wide range of customization options for creating sign-up forms. To gather data from signups, you can include drop-down lists, text fields, and radio buttons. Following that, you can utilise that data to segment emails. According to GDPR rules, you can quickly add the form to your website using an embeddable HTML code and use it as a consent form for your contacts to receive various types of emails.

Landing Pages

With Sendinblue, you have access to dozens of landing page templates as well as the possibility to create your own from scratch without any coding experience. Your landing pages can include a focused call to action, and you can even make thank-you pages as follow-ups. You can also choose to use your own domain name in place of Sendinblue’s default one. However, only the premium and higher-level plans include landing pages.

The Facebook ads

Sendinblue has a Facebook Ads feature that enables you to use your own contact list to target specific Facebook users. Using the Facebook lookalike function, you may utilise it to locate new people to target who are comparable to those on the list you have chosen. Sendinblue is a tool you can use to optimise your daily ad budget while also keeping track of how well ads are doing.


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