Let’s learn, How much money do blogs make?

It is difficult to answer the question: How much money do blogs make?
Before starting blogging, you must clarify your mind about a thing, how much money do blogs make?
Well, it is a simple question resonating in the minds of every person who wants to pursue a carrier in blogging. Those who do blogging for fun or as a hobby will not ask this question. Only those who want to earn from it will request such questions.
Will blogging fulfill your financial needs? Is blogging a distinguished career that will earn you so much money that you can live a dignified life in your immediate surroundings?
My friends, It is difficult to answer questions, and there is no single and distinct answer.
But remember, at the start, you will earn nothing from blogging. On average, a blog will make you a considerable amount of money only after a year. You should be prepared for it mentally before starting blogging. You are mistaken if you think you will begin earning after a month of blogging. Yes, my friend, you are mistaken!
Even a high-conversion blog takes at least six months before generating some income. At the start, there will be no conversion. In the beginning, prepare yourself to work for nothing. It might seem absurd to you, but it is true!
Later after a year of blogging, you are more likely to start earning. But how much? That’s a question!
To answer it, let us first consider the available analytics.
Firstly, We will see how much money successful bloggers make, as they are our real inspirations. We will also see the stats to grasp the question of earning in its wholeness.
Remember, earning from blogging is not a matter of time, as we usually consider. You may work 80-100 hours per week and earn less than a person working 10-20 hours a day. Undoubtedly, hard work is the key to success, but smart work is also essential.
Try to hire a team. Work with remote freelancers. Try to minimize your time consumption and work to make as much product as possible.
No doubt, if you have personal matters to look after, you are less likely to devote much time to your blog in the begging. But later in the next year of your blogging, you can spend much time blogging, as you will likely get a conversion of your time, that is to say, earn some money from your blog.

The average blogger’s income based on Niche:
Again, getting an average of your blogging income can take time and effort. Some bloggers make a handsome amount of money from blogging, while others need help to get a handful of cash to fulfill their daily needs. Some people fail to blog, while others can build an umpire from it. So, where is the average?

The average blogger’s income based on Niche

An average blogger, my friend, earns around $38440 per year.
( Again, the number may vary slightly from person to person).
According to the report of Glassdoor, the average blogger’s salary is 51,906.
If we tackle the same question from a different dimension, that is, from the perspective of Niche, it will further clarify.
Different niches generate different incomes: some more and some less.
Average bloggers salary by niche(2022):
Fashion Blogger: $37,534 average salary per year.
Lifestyle Blogger: $52,382 average salary per year.
Beauty Blogger: $43,800 average salary per year.
Travel Blogger: $63,173 average salary per year.
Food Blogger: $41,058 average salary per year.
Remember, there is no surety that you will make the same amount of money. The number will always vary. So, always focus on your interests while choosing your blogging niche. Well, it doesn’t mean you should not consider the income average. It would be best if you thought about it. But never limit yourself to it. Place your interests first while choosing the Niche for your blogging. It will motivate you to write blogs even when your blogging is not generating money. Make blogging fun while looking at the money as a target.
How can you make much money from blogging?
Now, let us turn ourselves to the proven ways to boost your blog income:
Increase your traffic:
Your blog income mainly depends on the traffic you receive from the search engine. Give your special attention to it.

Website Traffic

Your traffic depends to some extent on your content. Put your special effort into writing high-conversion and engaging content. Before starting a blog, do some homework on your writing style. Try to make it standard. Learn from your competitors. Try to make your content as engaging as you can. Your traffic and potential visitors are your real asset. Write content that follows the taste of your audience. Search for the search engine trends.
Optimize your content for the search engine. Do perfect SEO of your content. Search for high-intent keywords. Moreover, it would be best to link to a high authority site in your blog. Do guest posting.
Find your ideal audience:
More than just relying on search engine optimization is required. Use social media networks to target your desired audience. Advertise yourself. If you do not advertise yourself, who will do it for you?

Ideal audience

Increase your social presence. Share regular updates regarding your content. Every time you write a blog put it on your social media post.
Sell your digital products:
Your readers are your potential buyers. Target them to sell your digital products. But for selling, you should have a digital product to sell. Right?

Digital products

You can choose any digital product. It might be a logo, business slogan, template, tea shirt, or eBook. Digital products can be of various kinds. Choose any one of them to sell. Make tea shirts of some catchy design and offer them to your reader at a reasonable price. If you are a writer, write an eBook. Please choose the most searched topic for your eBook and write about it. Write engaging and persuasive content. Please put it on your blog. Sell it and earn money.
Remember, you can choose any digital product and sell it to your audience.
Sell physical products:
Not only digital products but physical products also sell. Choose a physical product, sell it to your audience and earn a commission!

Physical products

Sell freelance services:
If you know a skill that can be sold for money, then offer it on your blog. Your readers know your expertise better than the remote clients. Work with your readers. Solve their problems, and serve them!

Sell Freelance Services

But for this purpose, you should have the skill to sell. If you need to sell a skill, know it first. Do some work and get some experience. Then, it is time to showcase your services on your blog at a reasonable price to your audience!
Building a high-conversion email list:
Expert says, “List building is the first step towards email marketing and ultimately to a successful business.”

Email list building

Build a list of your potential readers. For this purpose, you have to do a few things. For example, designing a squeeze page, installing a few apps, and that’s it!
Motivates your readers to be a part of your email list. Inform them that they will receive daily updates about your content and services if they become a part of your email list. Tell them, in brief, what will benefit them if they make themselves part of your email list.
Create an option for them to be a part of your list. Build an opportunity for your blog to save the emails of your subscribers.
Making a list is only part of the whole thing. Your work still needs to be completed here.
Send regular email updates regarding your content, products, and services. After you have made an email list, use digital tools to save it, so you may not have to make your email list over and over again.
Well, email list building is a burning topic in email marketing. I have planned to write a separate blog on it. So, please leave it to the upcoming issues!
Sell affiliate products:
If you don’t have personal affiliate products to sell, then worry not. Search for some high-commission affiliate sites. Choose products that are easy to sell and have a high commission on each conversion. Put these products on your blog. Please review them. Write persuasive content about them.

Sell Affiliate products

Affiliate blogging is an emerging and high-demand industry. So, you should better target it. Know your competitors, write engaging product reviews, and get the commission.
Share your tricks and tools:
Blogging itself is a business. Tell your audience about your personal blogging experience. Tools you use for blogging. Your tricks and tactics to be successful in blogging. It will increase your traffic, and ultimately you can earn more from paid ads for your increased traffic.

Sharing personal tips

In this blog, we have discussed How much money blogs make? The average income of a blogger and how your niche selection can affect your average blog income. In the end, I have shared some proven ways to increase your revenue as a blogger.
Put this information in your subconscious, step forward and start blogging!

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