how to install wordpress themes

Effortlessly How To Install WordPress Themes: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to install wordpress themes

WordPress themes make it quick and simple to add personality to your site, regardless of whether you’re building a new one or renovating an old one.

The general look of your website, including the colours, fonts, and layout, is determined by the installed WordPress themes. You can alter the appearance and feel of your website without altering the content by choosing a different theme.

WordPress themes are web designers’ and developers’ custom-made stylesheets and templates that you may download and instal on your website. They eliminate the challenging aspects of website creation, such as coding, so you can concentrate on developing and disseminating interesting content. Here is the complete guide on how to install wordpress themes

how to install wordpress themes

Install WordPress themes is what?

The general appearance of your blog or website is determined by a WordPress theme, which is a group of files (graphics, style sheets, and code). WordPress Themes can have an impact on anything from your website’s design to the colour of your hyperlinks.

Which WordPress theme is the best?

The Best for Install WordPress Themes :

  • Divi
  • Soledad
  • Jevelin
  • Kalium
  • WoodMart
  • TheGem
  • Webify
  • Uncode
how to install wordpress themes

Install WordPress Themes Through the Theme Directory

A WordPress theme can improve your website’s visual appeal and usability. The WordPress theme directory allows you to search for and free install WordPress themes.

  • Log in to your WordPress account. To begin, sign into your WordPress account. Step 1: Access Appearance > Themes.
  • Hover your mouse over Appearance in the menu on the dashboard’s left side, then choose Themes in the pop-up menu that appears.
  • Click Add New at the very top of the Themes page.
  • Choose a theme. After clicking the Add New option, you can select from the recently added themes, popular themes, or highlighted themes. Themes with particular features, such as themes with sticky posts or full-width templates, layouts, such as grid layouts or two-column layouts, and topics, such as blogs, eCommerce, or photography, may all be found using specific search criteria.
  • To start the install wordpress themes procedure, click Download. After selecting a theme, move your cursor over the theme’s preview image. Click More Info to view a preview of the theme and learn more about its features, or click Download to start the install wordpress themes process.
  • Following completion, click Activate. Installing the theme will take a while. You will be informed that the installation was successful after it has been completed. However, your website hasn’t yet gone live with the theme! For the theme to show up on your website, make sure to choose Activate.

How to Upload a WordPress Themes for


You may quickly import a premium or customised theme you’ve found using the WordPress dashboard by following these simple steps:

  • Verify that you have the desired theme’ file. Download file that you purchased from the theme marketplace or other commercial vendor first. Go to Appearance > Themes in step
  • Then, after logging into your WordPress account, choose Themes from the Appearance option on the dashboard’s left.
  • On the themes page, select Add New at the very top.
  • Click the Add New button, then choose the Upload Theme option.
  • Publish and set up the file. Choose File after selecting Upload Theme. Click Install Now after selecting the downloaded folder.
  • Following completion, click Activate. A notice stating that the theme installation was successful will show up once you click Install wordpress themes. To enable the theme on your website, click Activate.

Install wordpress themes Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

It can be impossible to manually upload a complex, sturdy theme with massive files. In this situation, FTP will be required to upload the theme. Install WordPress themes through FTP involves six steps.

  1. FTP Client to be downloaded on your computer. You must first download an FTP Client on your computer in order to start this process. You can use this software utility to log in and add or remove files from your website server.
  2. FTP accounts can be created through your hosting company. The next step is to use the FTP Client to log into your hosting provider account. Typically, you will need to create your own FTP user account within your hosting panel, however, the procedure varies depending on the hosting company. You often receive a username and password from the hosting company when you create a new account, which you’ll need to create an FTP Client account.
  3. After downloading the theme, unzip it. If you haven’t already downloaded your theme file to your computer, do so right away. Make cautious to only download file from some businesses because they may include more in the download folder than you need to upload your theme. You’ll need to unzip and compress your file after downloading it. Simply right-click file and choose Extract to accomplish this.
  4. To install wordpress themes, upload the theme folder to WordPress. Locate the root of your install WordPress themes in the FTP Client. Next, choose Themes from the wp-content folder. Unzip the full folder and upload it here.
  5. Utilize the WordPresss dashboard to activate the theme. Return to the WordPress themes section on your dashboard after using the FTP Client to upload the theme folder. Your new theme should be available under your downloaded themes. To activate the new theme and make it live on your website, select it and click Activate.
  6. To your WordPress website, add plugins. After activating your theme, don’t forget to add additional plugins to give your website even more functionality. There are thousands of plugins available that can assist you with anything from enhancing SEO to gathering visitor contact information. The free WordPress plugin is a terrific place to start. You can create newsletters, track conversions, add forms and chat, manage contacts, follow leads, and more.

Using a free install WordPress Themes, Create an Eye-Catching Website

Whether visitors will stay long enough to interact with your content or make a purchase depends on how unified and on-brand your theme is. These methods will set up your website to draw in and convert visitors, regardless of whether you manually uploaded a premium or custom theme or located a free install wordpress theme in the WordPress directory.

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