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What is meant by hosting the website and what is it for?

You could not be reading this without hosting. This strong statement challenges us to consider how crucial it is to pick the best hosting provider or web hosting for your website. To understand, though, let’s examine each component separately. You will learn about what is meant by hosting the website and how many ways are there to do it in this article.

What is meant by hosting the website and what is it for?

A hosting service is a type of hosting designed to house web content. In simple words hosting the website means providing space for your website on a web server. Through a device connected to the Internet, you can access this service at any time and visit a website. Some businesses provide their own hosting. They are typically medium or big firms with numerous websites, highly diverse lines of business, and a steady stream of marketing initiatives and new items. These businesses want to be able to manage them without relying on external hosting through their own web hosting.

As a result, if our business does not fit these criteria, we rent space on a server through a hosting solution (software that makes it possible for a user to view a web page in their browser). This area must have enough storage space to accommodate all the files and data required for a website to operate properly. In this manner, the server will send the required files to fulfil your request when a user types a domain or the unique name of your website on the Internet into the address bar of the browser.

Factors to consider while selecting a web host for your website.

How many ways/types of hosting the website?

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting
  4. Cloud hosting

Shared Hosting – What is Shared Hosting?

hosting the website

The majority of small businesses websites and blogs use shared hosting. This is a typical form of hosting.

Numerous websites are hosted on a single server in this scenario, and the server distributes its RAM, CPU, storage, and other resources among all the websites.

Because this hosting is user-friendly, using it doesn’t require a lot of coding expertise.

In this case, the host for hosting the website is entirely responsible for server maintenance.

The fact that this hosting is inexpensive because everyone pays the same amount for the same server is its most significant feature.

However, as numerous websites make use of the same server’s resources, it also has significant drawbacks.

Due to the numerous programmes that are running simultaneously on shared hosting, its speed frequently slows down as a result of overload.

VPS hosting – What is VPS hosting?

hosting the website

Virtual private server hosting is the full name of this more dependable and stable hosting option than shared hosting.

In this as well, multiple users share the server while hosting the website. However, the server’s web provider offers each user their own partition.

This we refer to as a virtual server. You can do this by having your own server space, computer resources, and memory.

It is more helpful for websites that are expected to see an increase in traffic, and it has no negative effects on how well your website performs.

Dedicated hosting – What is Dedicated hosting?

The owner of the website has total control over the server when using dedicated hosting for hosting the website.

The flexibility to administer in his own manner is offered to the website owner in this.

He has complete control over how the hosting environment is configured because the owner of the website retains control over all of its resources, including the operating system, hardware, memory, etc.

As a result, it offers both high security and quick operation.

Its price is exorbitant because the owner, who also owns the website, is responsible for funding its whole operation.

It is mostly utilized for large internet businesses and high traffic.

Cloud hosting – What is Cloud hosting?

Hosting the website on the cloud is fairly common. It is currently the hosting that is used the most.

Similar to VPS hosting would be this hosting. This also makes advantage of virtual machines.

Your host offers a group of servers when you use cloud hosting. This reuses a lot of files and resources.

Your website traffic will immediately switch to another server if one of the cloud servers is overloaded or has a problem.

In response to your needs, it offers resources. As a result, you must pay for the same number of resources. Just what you need, not the entire supply.

It cannot be maintained like a dedicated server.

However, this hosting is the most secure when compared to other options for hosting the website because you can lower its memory and resources.

WordPress hosting – What is WordPress hosting?

For those who build websites using WordPress, there is WordPress hosting.

A site may be built quite easily on You don’t need to know how to code to do this. You just use the drag-and-drop method because WordPress is a blogging website builder and content management system also.

In some ways, this option for hosting the website resembles shared hosting. The server is configured specifically in this case. As a result, the website loads quickly and operates efficiently.

The fact that WordPress offers pre-built themes, a drag-and-drop website builder, and particular developer tools are its most important feature.


Features of web hosting – Features of Web Hosting

You should consider the following qualities before choosing hosting providers for hosting the website, thus describe the advantages of web hosting for us.

  1. Bandwidth 

This allows us to determine the amount of bandwidth used for data transit between your website and website visitors.

More individuals will be able to view your website concurrently and without interruption the more bandwidth there is.

  • Email accounts

Along with the domain name, while hosting the website, you may also use the email feature. You can send and receive email using this email address, as well as access many other features like unlimited storage, a calendar, notifications, the ability to import and export your address book, a virus and spam filter, etc.

  • Uptime

If your website offers a guarantee of uptime, it indicates that it should be accessible online every single day of the year.

So that visitors to your site can visit it whenever they want. A 99.9% uptime guarantee is offered by a trustworthy web hosting company.

  • Space

Space is rented on the database server while hosting the website in which you keep the content used by your visitor such as HTML files, graphics, images, videos etc.
You can take disk space according to your data while choosing your plan.

  • Customer

The most crucial component of any web hosting service is the customer. You can contact them by phone, live chat, or email if there is any kind of technical issue with their website.

  • Backup

How do we make a backup of the information on our computer? The data kept on the server while hosting the website also has to have a backup created.

Since the server is a type of computer as well, your data may be lost if the server is damaged due to a problem. You must use the backup feature offered by your web hosting company because of this.

  • With the help of FTP access, you can download

The information on your local computer is kept on the server. The HTML, PHP, asp, graphics, pictures, videos, and other files for your website can all be sent over FTP from your local computer to the web server.

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