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The Ultimate Guide For New Amateur blogging: How To Get Started And Succeed In 2023.

Your desire can come true with amateur blogging. You’ve already begun blogging, so you need to understand the best practices for doing this.

Why is improvement necessary? Let’s say you enjoy travelling and have a passion for discovering new places.

You are on a new website, taking pictures, interacting with new people, and, most importantly, having fun while blogging. However, you are neither idle nor experiencing a dull moment.

In addition, if you want your blog to expand, you will need money, but you could not be earning money right now from your amateur blogging.

By performing all of this, you may earn nothing or a few dollars. However, you should know that you deserve the finest and more.

So, using your skills and passion, you will require a business plan. You must therefore get better.

If you want to learn how and why, keep reading. You’ll learn how to do it correctly, and hopefully you’ll start making more.

What is Amateur Blogging?

The early stages of blogging are known as amateur blogging. Every professional blogger who is currently having success started out as an amateur. Amateur blogging is defined as writing for enjoyment, expressing one’s love for a subject through writing, expressing oneself through writing without considering the financial implications, and frequently posting for free on a platform that is offered for free. Amateur blogging is an extremely private project of yours that just so happens to be listed online and reachable to any random person doing a search on Google or Bing.

amateur blogging

It must begin as a pastime. The act of performing this pastime should initially bring you some joy. Otherwise, why do you keep writing? Therefore, everything stems from your enjoyment of sharing an opinion, a finding regarding a particular subject, or pretty much everything that comes your way, and posting it online.

This introduces a further element of amateur blogging. You must be open to the possibility that anyone, including acquaintances, will read what you have to say. Even hearing criticism or comments with opposing viewpoints is something you should consider.

If you are putting your thoughts out there, you need to be prepared for written arguments. If you were only writing for yourself, you wouldn’t publish the texts online, would you?

You can see that before actually starting to create a blogging account and post the texts, the enjoyment aspect of blogging as well as taking some little chances of receiving unfavourable criticism need to be present in your mind and sentiments.

Why do you want to start amateur blogging?

People start blogging for a variety of reasons.

Some people write for their own enjoyment, while others do it to establish their personal brands or simply for financial gain. A presence online is crucial in the twenty-first century. It makes no difference if you are a business or an individual.

A few of the various goals that amateur blogging can achieve include:

  1. Display your ability
  2. Find work
  3. Make new acquaintances, etc.

How do novice amateur bloggers begin their blogs?

I’ll try my best to walk you through the main steps of creating an amateur blog since you are obviously interested in doing so and are visiting this page. You can utilise a variety of platforms to easily create a blog. WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform for both amateur and professional bloggers.

There are two methods you might employ to start a blog. You can access it via or by setting up WordPress on your web server.

Amateur Blogging Tips

amateur blogging


Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when it comes to amateur blogging. However, a few pointers on how to write and publish blog entries will assist you in getting excellent outcomes.

Writing posts:

Everything in writing posts begins with thoughts. Therefore, simply organise your ideas before beginning to write. Decide precisely what you want to address in your present text and what viewpoint you want to express. Write only after completing this step.

Include graphics and images:

Your audience will benefit from this. They will be inspired to read you more frequently, and the concepts you express in your writing will be more understood. Combining words and images will have a greater impact on your audience.

A Catchy Headline

While you should feel free to express your thoughts, you should take extra care while selecting the headlines for your writing. Give it some time, test out a few different options, and pick the catchiest, most understandable title. Your blog’s success may depend just on the headline. However, even if your papers include excellent ideas, readers will often disregard them if the titles do not encourage them to do so. If you also look online to see what other writings with similar topics are using as their headlines, it might be quite helpful. Naturally, we don’t recommend that you replicate them. However, this exercise could help you comprehend what an excellent blog headline is. So to speak, you will gain experience. 

Keep in Mind SEO Optimization 

Despite the fact that you are a amateur blogger, SEO should still be a top priority. Without search engine optimization, you run the risk of staying utterly untraceable and readers won’t find your posts. No one is expecting you to perform SEO like a pro, but you should concentrate on key fundamentals. Use words and phrases that will help individuals who are interested in your topics find your text online and in search engines. You can learn how to employ effective keywords, headlines, templates, and even how to include URLs through a variety of online courses and publications. It would be unfortunate if your excellent texts did not get to the people who might benefit from them.

Regular Posting

A regular schedule of postings will be very beneficial to your beginner blog. Of course, you might take a laid-back approach to amateur blogging and only post when you feel like it. However, maintaining a consistent posting schedule on a weekly basis will increase readership, boost your blog’s ranking in search results, and instil credibility and respect in your followers.

Make use of social media

On whatever social media platform you are currently using, promote your blog. Share each blog entry, engage your fans in conversations on other social platforms, and encourage them to visit your blog.

Amateur Blogging Mistakes

amateur blogging


Though you can’t help but make a few mistakes, especially when you first begin this activity, don’t worry. You’ll eventually learn to prevent mistakes. The good news is that nothing is so bad as to end your fledgling blogging career before it even gets off the ground. In addition, we’ll show you some of the most typical errors that amateur bloggers tend to make. So that you can totally prevent these:

Lack of clear goals while establishing a blog is one of the main mistakes new bloggers make. It is difficult to know what you are aiming to accomplish with your blog and to gauge your performance if you don’t have clear goals.

Not developing a content plan is another error individuals make. You can keep on track and arrange your thoughts with the aid of a content plan.

Bloggers frequently make the mistake of rushing to produce poor-quality content. In order to draw readers and keep them coming back for more, quality material is essential.

Another amateur blogging error is failing to use keywords. The incorporation of keywords throughout your content is crucial for SEO and will help your blog rank highly in search engine results pages.

Not advertising their blog adequately is a common error made by bloggers. To increase traffic to your blog and readership, you must advertise it on social media and other online venues.

Images can help to aesthetically enhance and break up the text in your blog post.

It can be beneficial to network with other successful bloggers in the blogging community to forge connections and grow your blog’s readership.

You should have a plan, just like you would with any business. This may be one of the most typical amateur blogging errors.

You must frequently add new information to your blog if you want visitors to come back. The majority of amateur blogs begins with a few blog entries and fails to regularly provide new information.

Don’t start a blog merely for the sake of establishing one instead, have a specific objective in mind and write about subjects that both interest you and your audience.

Forgetting about SEO is one of the most frequent mistakes while beginning amateur blogging.

The greatest strategy to promote and establish the authority of your blog is to obtain backlinks from other websites. Google is informed that your blog is valuable enough to rank highly on search engine results pages when other bloggers link to it because they find it to be informative or engaging. The more natural and authentic backlinks you acquire

With the help of the free online tool Google Analytics, you can monitor the visitors to your website. Learn how visitors find your blog and what they do after finding it with Google Analytics.

Not having confidence in oneself when establishing a blog, having confidence in yourself is the most crucial thing to keep in mind.

Also, practise patience. It is crucial to exercise patience and invest the time and energy required to make your amateur blogging endeavour successful when you first get started.

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